Last updated: 03/08/2024

This agreement is entered into between the Public Chamber of Commerce, operating through its website at ("Chamber"), and the business or individual that becomes a member of the Public Chamber of Commerce ("Member").

Chamber. The Chamber is a member-based company with a dynamic interactive website platform, offering various services to its business and individual members, including networking, communications, content creation, promotion programs, events, meetings, and many other valuable services and benefits.

Content. All content created and displayed by members must comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to, intellectual property laws. Content that is pornographic, lewd, offensive, abusive, indecent, or obscene, or that is likely to cause anxiety to a reader is prohibited. The Chamber accepts no liability for any content posted by subscribers to the website or any other websites owned by the Chamber.

Cost of Membership. Each member agrees to pay a monthly fee for membership in the Chamber. The amount of the membership fee is posted on the Chamber website and may be updated periodically. Membership fees are automatically debited from the bank account, credit card, or debit card of the member each month.

Proprietary Property. The Chamber is the owner of the website,, and other digital platforms. All designs, technology, concepts, materials, business concepts, programs, publications, and marketing methods used by the Chamber on its website and published content and materials are owned by the Chamber.

Member Cancellation. Members may cancel their membership at any time from their member account page on the Chamber website. Membership cancellation begins the next monthly debit after notice of member cancellation is received by the Chamber. Upon cancellation all member content will be permanently deleted from the server, and the member will cease to receive all benefits and services of membership and the ownership will no longer be purchasing shares of stock in the Chamber company.

Jurisdiction. This agreement is executed under the laws of the state of Delaware, and Delaware State Law shall be the applicable law of this agreement. In the event a dispute arises between the parties to this agreement, it is agreed to resolve legal disputes through arbitration methods rather than civil lawsuits.

Acknowledgement. Each party to this agreement acknowledges that they have read and understood all terms and conditions of this agreement.