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Connect and collaborate with our high quality video conferencing platform. Access from any device with an internet connection, no download required. Use our calendar to schedule private or public meetings, or schedule recurring events to host your own online shows and events.

High Quality Video & Audio Conferencing

Connect and collaborate with members of the Public Chamber of Commerce through high qualify audio and video conferencing.

Join or Host Live Events and Webinars

Video Connect can be used to host live events such as webinars, presentations, classes, lectures, workshops, open houses, and more.

No Software Download Required

Video Connect is based in your web browser, meaning you won't need to download or install any software in order to stay connected.

Included Features

Online Whiteboard

Creative collaboration that turns concepts into reality.

Screen Sharing

Add engaging, visual impact to presentations.

Meeting Chat

Direct messaging for an interruption-free discussion.

Document Sharing

Easily accessible documents so everyone is in the know.

Moderator Controls

Manage meetings for clear and effective communication.

Smart Summaries

Share the entire summary of your meeting afterwards.

Meeting Recording

Video or audio record now, save, share and watch later.

AI Transcription

Your AI-assistant ready to automate and transcribe meeting details.

Speaker Spotlight

Manage a key speaker's moment to shine for all meeting participants to see.

Annotation & Laser Pointer

Share thoughts by drawing out details during a screen-sharing online conference.

Breakout Rooms

Have more laser-focused conversations in specific groups through Breakout Rooms.

Sentiment Analysis

Gain emotional insights about sentences used as well as an overall score of the meeting’s tone.